Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?


Absolutely, though you may not feel like it. Other than the light bleeding that some women experience after intercourse in the first trimester, having sex during pregnancy is risk-free. While some women in early pregnancy feel too nauseous and exhausted to be interested in intimacy, others find that the surge in hormones actually increases their libido.

In late pregnancy, the changes in your body may make having sex uncomfortable and require some creative positioning. But if you’re up for it, go ahead. Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, and your baby will be none the wiser.

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In my experience, the intercourse in the first and second trimester is safe. but after second trimester, it’s better to stop the intercourse as the final trimester ie, 7,8,9 and probably the 10th months of pregnancy is really important. During, these periods (third trimester), the female partner need to be cautious regarding the unborn baby. There is a high chances that the unborn baby might be unsafe during the intercourse in the last three months. In some case, there is the chances that the penetration might hamper the head-shape of the unborn baby. Also, the over intercourse activities might compel the baby to born very early before the estimated date of delivery. For instance; the 7 months born child, or even the 8 months born child.
So,it’s better to continue intercourse till the 2nd trimester and stop after 2nd trimester. If the couple are still interested to continue the intercourse during pregnancy, must take caution or be aware regarding those facts and consequences.

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