What if l need a C-section?


Sometimes problems arise during birth that prevent a successful vaginal delivery. In those cases, a C-section is performed instead. Despite the frequent use of the term “emergency C-section,” most C-sections (even those that were not previously scheduled) are calm, orderly affairs.

If you require a C-section during birth, you will be moved to an operating room where anaesthesia will be administered either through your existing epidural (if you opted to have one placed during labour) or by placing a spinal block. This kind of anaesthesia allows you to be awake and alert during the birth. Generally, if there is enough time for your partner to suit up in surgical gear, they will be allowed to accompany you into the operating room for the birth.

In rare cases, when the mother or baby’s life is in immediate danger, doctors will opt for general anaesthesia. They will put you to sleep so that they can quickly deliver your baby.

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