What lifestyle choices hinder my chances of becoming pregnant?


Aside from medical conditions that affect fertility (endometriosis, PCOS, testicular disease, etc.), there are several lifestyle factors that make becoming pregnant less likely:

Weight: Excess weight in women can lead to hormonal changes that affect ovulation. In men, extra weight may cause a decrease in sperm count. Additionally, being underweight can cause women to experience hormonal changes and in some cases, completely prevent ovulation.

Smoking: Smoking may affect a woman’s fertility, and it diminishes the motility (movement) of a man’s sperm.

Alcohol: As few as five drinks a week can impact a woman’s chance of conception. For men, more than a drink or two a day can not only impact the quality and quantity of sperm available but also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Medication: Some medications used to treat chronic disorders like autoimmune disease or depression can affect your chances of conception. Even some antibiotics can hinder getting pregnant. Talk with your doctor about the medications you are taking.

Hot tub and sauna use (men only): Excessive heat can inhibit sperm production.

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